Welcome to Concierge Podiatry and Spa of Newport Beach

The Ultimate Destination for Nail and Foot Care

When you walk through our door you will know that you are somewhere truly unique. We offer an experience like no other; combining the medical aspects of podiatry with the beautification services of a resort-style spa.

Experience You Can Feel with Every Touch

A full range of artistic and beautification services makes Concierge Podiatry and Spa your personal retreat.  Each of our nail technicians, reflexologists, and massage therapists has a proven record of success, and is passionate about creating a personalized experience for you.

Orange County's First and Only Med Spa for Nails

At Concierge Podiatry and Spa your health and safety is our top priority.  Each of our specialists is committed to providing you with the highest levels of sanitation.  With full podiatric medical capabilities, we not only beautify your feet, but can also treat cracked heels, ingrown nails and nail fungus using our state-of-the-art protocols.

Our highly-experienced nail technicians will not only provide excellent results, but they will also educate you on how to maintain the health of your feet and nails.  Podiatrists are on staff to identify and remedy common conditions of the feet and nails, such as:

  • Nail Fungus
  • Ingrown Nails
  • Extensive Calluses
  • Cracked Heels

We Put Your Safety First

Concierge Podiatry and Spa is committed to going beyond the state-required sanitation and safety practices.  Nail technologists have taken Advanced Nail Technology Training and each has received training from our podiatrist.

In addition:

  • Instruments are double sterilized; first with a liquid disinfectant solution, meeting state guidelines, then autoclaved, to achieve surgical level sterilization.
  • Cuticles are treated with care, with minimal to NO cutting. We ask your permission prior to any trimming
  • Gloves are worn during your pedicure for your health safety